Give Used Electronics

Anyone in the U.S. can mail in functional laptops and cell phones with shipping costs covered for donation. Once your device is received its data will get wiped and a certificate of data destruction will be made available. And you will receive a Device Passport for each reusable device, which is a webpage that gives you a record of what was donated for tax deduction purposes and proof it was received.

See the FAQ below for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of donations do you accept?

Only reusable laptops, phones, and tablets can be sent by mail. Laptops must be less than seven years old and phones must be less than five years old. Remember to remove or log out of any user locks on the devices including iCloud accounts, BIOS passwords, Google drives, and more.

Is shipping and data wiping free?

Yes, as long as the device is functional and reusable, we’ll provide a pre-paid UPS or USPS shipping label.

How do I package my items?

Grab a used cardboard box and some padding. Old newspaper, bubble wrap, paper, or anything that is light and takes up volume will work for padding. Tape the shipping label to the top of the box and ship it.

Should I include accessories?

It’s OK to include chargers. But, in order to keep shipping costs to a minimum, we ask that software, bags, instructions, and other items that don’t connect to the laptop not be included.

What is a Device Passport?

A Device Passport is a webpage that is automatically created for each processed device. It gives proof that what you sent in was received and the data was securely destroyed.

Will I get a donation receipt?

Yes. You will be sent a tax deduction receipt for your donation.

I live outside the U.S. Can I donate stuff?

Unfortunately, no. At this time we’re only able to accept donations originating in the continental U.S. (Not Hawaii or Alaska)

Who receives the donation?

Our partner nonprofit DonorConnection receives and processes the donations. They specialize in mail-in tech donations. We receive a small donation for each item donated.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at