Ways to Support

Supporting Maya Forest Gardeners is like milpas, it is dynamic and there can be a variety of ways to do it that can be done without cost. Let us know if there are any alternative methods that we should add to help be inclusive!

Donation Methods

Give Used Electronics

Donate your laptop, phone, or tablet to our partner, DonorConnection, to give them a new purpose while providing us with a small donation for each item.

If your item meets the requirements, shipping costs will be covered and you will receive a tax deduction for getting rid of old items. 

Sponsor a Student

Empower students who are hungry to learn and share their knowledge with their community. With the support from someone who believes in them, students can become future leaders.

Get Involved

Use Maya farming principles

Incorporate sustainable Maya forest gardening practices into your own garden!

Teach Students

Download our free resources to teach students more about Maya forest gardening.


Join us on-site at Belize and Guatemala to give live support. Gain professional experience in our range of programs from the educational primary school outreach to forest gardens.

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