Why We Use It

Forest Gardens as a Climate Solution

Maya forest gardeners use agricultural practices that increase yields while maximizing environmental benefits. Although these methods center around mimicking the structure of the Maya forest, their principles can be applied to different habitats.

Lowers Temperature

Reduces Erosion

Builds Soil Fertility

Conserves Water

Increases Biodiversity

To Care for Our People & Planet

Forest Gardens Builds Food Sovereignty

Milpa fields and home gardens can be a vital source of nutrition, medicine, and food security in times of food scarcity or other economic troubles. They provide a degree of self-sufficiency that reduces vulnerability to economic pitfalls like supply chain interruptions from COVID-19 and low yields from sudden market demand changes.

Maya architecture next to trees
A home garden has more perennials than milpas and are less tall. This garden is growing bananas, flowers, and coconuts.
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