On Ramon (Brosimum Alicastrum)

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Guatemalan Biodiversity Based Business
Finalists for 2007 Equator Initiative Prize

Alimentos Nutri-Naturales, Equator Initiative Prize Finalist Update, March, 2007
Prepared by Erika Vohman, The Equilibrium Fund. www.TheEquilibriumFund.org
In December 2006 Alimentos Nutri-Naturales inaugurated the first Maya Nut processing plant in Guatemala! It is 100% women-owned and operated. Most of these women have never worked outside the home before. They make their own uniforms!
In January, 2007 Alimentos Nutri-Naturales was chosen over 130 competitors as one of the ten best new businesses in Guatemala and were awarded $10,000 from the President of Guatemala. Their business plan is to produce and distribute Maya Nut based snacks to rural schools in to improve nutritional status of school-age children in Guatemala. Native and Nutritious lunches for all Guatemalan kids!
Shown here is Gladis Rodriguez, Alimentos Nutri-Naturales president receiving a check for $10,000 from President Berger of Guatemala.
Some of the women pose with their new industrial oven and baking racks for their Native and Nutritious School lunch program. They made these uniforms themselves.
Native and Nutritious Maya Nut bread and cookies for distribution to rural schools
Some of the recipients of the Native and Nutritious school lunches produced and distributed by Alimentos Nutri-Naturales. Community of Macanche, buffer zone of the Maya Biosphere Reserve, Peten, Guatemala.
Girls from the community of Zocotzal eating native and nutritious Maya nut school lunch prepared by Alimentos Nutri-Naturales

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