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Family Scientific name Habitat Uses Origin Local Name      
          English Spanish Mayan Creole
MALVACEAE Abelmoschus esculentus shrub, cultivated Food, Fibr I okra      
ARECACEAE Alocasia macrorhiza shrub Orn, Med U elephant ear     creole gal
ANNONACEAE Annona cherimola tree Food I cherimoya, custard apple, chirimoya, chirimolla, a      
MORACEAE Brosimum alicastrum tree Food, Forg, Med, Cnst N breadnut, female ramon capomo, copomo, macica, ramón, ramón blanco, ramón masicaran, ox, ujushte  
MALPIGHIACEAE Byrsonima crassifolia shrub, tree Food, Med, Cnst, Fuel, Bev, Prd, Dye, Tan, Forg, P n craboo, sour craboo, wild craboo nance, nanci, nonce, chˇ, chĚ, sacpan, zacpan craboo, crabu, crapoo, grabon
SOLANACEAE Capsicum frutescens herb, subshrub Food, Ritl, Spc, Med N bird pepper, habanero pepper, wild chili chile del monte maxik, ick, mash-ak  
CUCURBITACEAE Citrullus lanatus vine Food I watermelon sandia    
RUTACEAE Citrus aurantifolia tree Food, Med, Bev, Spc, Dye, Oil, Pois I sweet lime, lemon, lime      
RUTACEAE Citrus aurantium tree Med, Food, Spc, Fuel, Orn, Prd, Bev, Fibr, Oil I sour orange naranja agria    
EUPHORBIACEAE Cnidoscolus chayamansa shrub, tree Food, Med, Pois N chaya, tea   tza  
ARECACEAE Cocos nucifera palm Food, Oil, Prd, Med, Bev, Fibr U coconut coco, cocotera    
CHRYSOBALANACEAE Licania platypus tree Food, Forg N monkey apple   succotz, sunco, urraco  
ANACARDIACEAE Mangifera indica tree Food, Med, Bev, Pois, Prd I mango      
CUCURBITACEAE Momordica charantia vine Food, Med, Forg, Orn, Pois I balsam pear sorosí   sorosee
MUSACEAE Musa paradisiaca tree, her-baceous Food, Med I plantain, banana banana de marano, guineo, platano box haas, haas  
CAESALPINIACEAE Pachrhizus erosus vine Food, Pois N jicama, yama bean jicama, frijolio   yama bean
LAURACEAE Persea americana tree Med, Food, Prd, Pois, Dye, Bev, Oil N avocado aguacate, aguacote on butter-pear, pear
SAPOTACEAE Pouteria sapota tree Food, Med, Oil, Cnst, Ltx, Prd, Pois N mame, mamee, sapote, mamey, mamey apple, mammy app zapote grande saltule  
SAXIFRAGACEAE Ribes hirtellum tree Food, Forg, Bev I gooseberry      
SAPINDACEAE Talisia oliviformis tree Prd, Forg, Food N kinep guaya wayah, uayum kinep
COMBRETACEAE Terminalia catappa tree Food, Med, Cnst, Prd, Oil, Pois, Tan I almond, almond tree almendra    
UNKNOWNS 15 UNKNOWNS 15 tree Food, Bev   Honduras plum (august plum)      
RHAMNACEAE Ziziphus mauritiana tree Food, Med I governor plum, belize plum, hog plum, catherine's      

Key to plant origins: N - Native, I - Introduced, n - Naturalized, U - unknown, E - Endemic, * - Native/Introduced, ^ - Unknown/Naturalized.

Pictures come from our own archives as well as the following sources:
Atran, S., X. Lois, and E. U. Ek. 2004 Plants of the Peten Itza Maya.     Vol 38. Ann Arbor: Regents of the University of Michigan. - Digital Flora of Texas (DFT)

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