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Practitioners of Maya forest gardening

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      number of plants in garden
  Aldana, Sergio & Russel photo 52  
  Cano, Alcario photo 110  
  Carrías, Carlos photo 39  
  Carrías, Ivan photo 69  
  Cocom, Heriberto/Masewal photo 107  
  Cruz, Carmen photo 107  
  Ford, Anabel photo 103  
  Kanan K'ax: Santa Familia Primary School Garden photo 77  
  Landero, Guadalupe photo 95  
  Medina, Lucas photo 95  
  Medina, Marcelo photo 128  
  Obando, Leonardo photo 74  
  Quewell, Carlos photo 91  
  Quewell, Reymundo & Efrain photo 139  
  Quewell, Thomas photo 37  
  Quixchan, Zacarias photo 74  
  Rivera, Jorge photo 50  
  Sanchez, Solomon photo 23  
  Torres, Narciso FG photo 110  
  Torres, Narciso House Garden photo 57  
  Tun, Rodolfo photo 69  
  Tzul, Alfonzo photo 77  
  Waight, Beatrice photo 72  
  Waight, Marlyn photo 89  
  Zúniga, Orlando photo 55  

Pictures come from our own archives as well as the following sources:
Atran, S., X. Lois, and E. U. Ek. 2004 Plants of the Peten Itza Maya.     Vol 38. Ann Arbor: Regents of the University of Michigan. - Digital Flora of Texas (DFT)

Original art by Lucas Medina

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